Muslim Help UK is a registered Charity Organisation and has been working in Educational, Training, etc…

Our projects have various help options which can reach the needy. We try our best to provide correct help.

This charity is run by voluntary work. Those involved personally with the charity give up their own time to help run the charity.

Aims and Targets

We realise problems and suffering takes place all around the world at any time. Some charities have been only helping out in specific countries for many years. This is why we would like to combine and operate with them to make it easy and quick in reaching out to the most destitute people. No matter what race, colour or religion, our wish is to aid those who suffer from natural disasters and civil war.

We have many targets and you could help us achieve them. We would like to make our own orphan centres in Bangladesh in seven different divisions (counties) where orphans will receive the best of education and living accommodation.