Hifz Academy

‘The best amongst you is the one who learns Quran and teaches it’ (Sahih Al-Bukhari)
For the majority of us, Arabic is not our first language, but yet millions around the world have a dream of memorising the entire Quran. There are many amongst those who wish to study but cannot afford the costs. This is why Muslim Help has decided to open its first Hifz Academy.

The Hifz Academy will have its own building within the MH Centre and will provide Hifz sponsorship programmes for 3 years. Students who wish to study will remain at our centre and receive all the facilities needed for Hifz classes.
At our Academy, we will ensure that only the poorest children who cannot afford education will be chosen. We will provide the children with excellent facilities, some of which will include, shelter, food, health care and physical exercise.
The benefits gained by our students will be immense. Not only will they be learning the Quran, they will also be taught how to be fully independent by our excellent, fully qualified teachers. They will also receive online lessons from well renowned scholars from different countries.

To be fair and provide the best education to our students, we will not accept more than 20 children per class. This will ensure equal opportunity for all as well as enough time for the students with their teachers.

Course description:
• Daily Quran and Tajweed classes
• Fully qualified Teachers
• Accommodation
• Uniform and books
• Food

We believe that every letter of the Qur’an read by your sponsored child will count as a Sadaqah Jariyah for you. You will have all the details of the child and receive yearly updates in regard to the child’s progress.

Cost of sponsorship,
£720 for 3 years (£20 Monthly)

Orphan Centre

‘I and the person who looks after an Orphan and provides for him, will be in paradise like this, putting his index and middle fingers together’ (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Unfortunately, Orphans are the most loneliest and rejected people in the world. They have lost their parents due to many different factors, some of which include, civil war and national disasters. These children live in extreme poverty without anyone to rely on. They have no food or shelter, the basic necessities for every human.

For this reason, Muslim Help has been supporting Orphans for the past several years, providing them with everyday necessities. We have now completed our very own Orphan education centre within the MH building. We will provide every child with accommodation, food, educations, clothing, healthcare as well as day to day needs.

The children admitted to our Orphan centre will be those who are without a Father or Mother or in most cases without both parents. This will be verified via references to make sure that the children who are most in need are receiving our support.

Description of facilities that we will provide:

Education support – Children will be taught the national curriculum subjects as well as Arabic and Hifz. The teachers will be fully qualified with relevant training.

Shelter – The orphan centre for children will provide shelter to those who are currently without a roof over their head. They will live and sleep in our shared accommodation.

Food – All meals will be served in our canteen making sure that no child remains hungry.

Clothing – School uniform as well as day to day clothing will be distributed to every child.

Healthcare – Any child needing health check-ups or medicine will be provided with these from our own Healthcare clinic.

Price – £240 a year or £20 a month will not only give these Orphans shelter but all the above which every child should have.