Water Project

Water Project


A 300 litre high quality water tank for life-long use. The drum has a tap which provides for an entire family which is then refilled by clean water every month. Our aim is to deliver water barrels for every needy family in Gaza. As you are aware that Palestinians who reside in Gaza strip are in extreme difficulty as entry is restricted, leading to water shortage which then results in diseases and illnesses.  We need your continuous support for our brothers and sisters so that we can carry on supplying fresh water.


This is a well which is built from water level by strong concrete and metal rods for its durability. At the top of the well there is a pump as well as a gap to obtain water with a bucket for various purposes. 
The well provides for poor families in remote villages in the deserts of East Africa. The benefits are immense, as it is a stable source for water supply for people and animals. This means that people do not have to walk for miles to obtain clean water and have easy access for washing and cooking needs. It also means that it reduces significant illnesses and diseases especially in children. 
As we know that East Africa is a desert area and suffers from drought as well as a lack of infrastructure, this results in thousands of people losing their lives. 
Muslim Help UK has already built water wells in the remote regions of East Africa to supply clean water to these deprived villages. 
With your generous donations you can help save dozens of lives and improve their wellbeing. 



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