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The people of Palestine are the most oppressed in the world. Since 1948 hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have fled and were forced out of their homes seeking shelter in neighbouring countries as refugees. Currently, more than 4.6 million Palestinians are refugees, many of whom are living in camps in the west Bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan and Lebanon. The 1.8 million Palestinians who reside in Gaza strip are in extreme difficulty as entry is restricted, leading to illnesses, starvation and thirst due to shortage of food and water supply, power cuts, as well as limited medical help.

The most recent conflict has seen hundreds of Palestinians losing their lives, thousands injured and approximately 90 thousand displaced from their own homes seeking safe shelter urgently.

Muslim Help UK have already distributed food packs and water supply in Gaza Strip and are continuing to do so with our team on the ground. We need your generous support for our brothers and sisters in Palestine so we can be there at the most difficult time.

£50 – Food, Medicine & Water for a Family
£100 – Food, Medicine & Water for 2 Families
£250 – Food, Medicine & Water for 5 Families
£500 – Food, Medicine & Water for 10 Families
£1000 – Food, Medicine & Water for 20 Families
£5000 – Food, Medicine & Water for 100 Families