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In 2015-2016-2017 an ongoing incident of migration of thousands of Rohingya people from Myanmar began, collectively dubbed as ‘boat people’ by international media, to Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand by rickety boats via the waters of the Strait of Malacca and the Andaman Sea.The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that 25,000 people have been taken to boats from January to March in 2015 by human traffickers. There are claims that around 100 people died in Indonesia, 200 in Malaysia, and 10 in Thailand while on their journey after the traffickers abandoned them on the sea.

MHUK successfully distributed food supplies and money amongst the most vulnerable Rohingyans who are the most rejected citizens around the world! Alhamdulillah our MHUK volunteers team are on the edge of the borders and managed to reach some people to help them! We urgently need your kind support to meet their needs and the daily necessities! Your little donation can bring smile to the Muslim Rohingyans who are suffering the worst isolation from mankind ! PLEASE donate NOW and stand in solidarity with them.